November 20, 2014: Beta 4 released

The last beta for v2.00 has been released today. In addition to the usual fixes, it updates a huge number of the spells that were added in BG2. A number of optional tweaks have also been added to the mod, and you can read about them on this site. Follow the link below to see all the details of the changelog.,29092.0.html

April 10, 2014: Site updated; beta 3 released

The introduction and features section of the site were rather outdated and did not reflect the changes in the current beta release. This has been fixed, and in addition, information on Unfinished Business and Weapon Specialization & Mastery has also been added to the list of features.

V2.00 beta 3 has been released today, and contains a number of changes and fixes. The changelog and download link can be found in this thread:,29092.0.html

March 11, 2014: Version 2.00 beta released!

The Fields of the Dead is now playable on Enhanced Edition, Tutu and Trilogy, but considering the amount of content that has been rewritten, I need help playtesting it before I do a full release. If you want to participate in this beta test, please visit this thread:,29092.0.html

April 7, 2013: Stuff has been done

It is once again time to bring you up to speed on the state of this mod. Since I finished making FotD a complete WeiDU mod I have been working on making it compatible with Tutu and BGT. In addition to accounting for the differences between these two mods, I also need to keep an eye on the changes from BG to BG2. Spells turned out to have all sorts of minor, mostly cosmetic, updates and were quite time consuming. I have just finished with the creature and NPC portion of the code and confirmed that it installs correctly. Only areas and a few leftovers remain now, and when they are done I will probably make an open beta release to test the new version properly.

March 19, 2012: Conquering new engines

I have begun working on making the new version compatible with Tutu and BGT. This also means that FotD will no longer work on the old Baldur's Gate. Unfortunate, perhaps, but I am looking forward to making use of the improved engine in Baldur's Gate 2.

May 8, 2011: Work resumed, scripts completed

After a five month break, work was resumed earlier this week. I needed to update both scripts and dialogues then. To my surprise, only dialogues remain now. At least some things turn out to be less time consuming than expected. But in addition to dialogues, I have also got various leftovers here and there, mostly because they seemed too complicated at the time. Of course, I also need to make it install on Tutu.

June 8, 2010: Creatures and NPCs completed

All creatures and NPCs have finally been taken care of. There are a lot of NPCs in this game and nearly all of them have unique changes. This is mostly my own fault, though, since I want them to have individual sets of items and spells and be more interesting than, say, 5th level Conjurer #8. Anyway, the last major piece of work of this update, or what I expect to be that, are the areas. I know WeiDU will save me a lot of time on some of the updates at least, such as giving thieves xp for removing traps and opening locks.

October 22, 2009: Updates still ahead

We have once again reached the time of the year where I am going to post news on FotD. I would do so more often if there were anything worth posting. This is not the case as the WeiDU update I announced last year remains incomplete. Why? Because real life, the bane of all modding, has prevented me from working on it these past few months. But the outlook for this project is not entirely bleak. All items, spells, ids files and a great part of the creatures have been updated, which leaves the remaining creatures and the areas and the stores. The majority of the work has been completed and I should be able to work regularly on it from now on. I will try to post updates on the forum a little more often.